Saturday, December 12, 2009

'round here

We lived in a winter wonderland for our last few weeks in Anchorage. Everything was covered in hoar frost (why the rude name, I don't know); every natural and man-made item left outside was stricken with an ever-thickening coat of frozen crystals. The trees all looked completely fake, like they belonged in a toy world. You couldn't imagine any of them coming back to life again next spring. It was immensely beautiful, and scary.

Looking through my photos, the outdoor scenes are juxtaposed with ones of friendship and warmth.
I've mentioned my great love for irony, right? This mug of frozen tea, left overnight in the car, bears a tag that says, "Vitality, Clarity, Well-Being."

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Christi said...

I love these pictures..the irony one is probably going to stick with me. Remember when you posted the precarious picture - the soap dish on the sink...I think of that all the time, as an image of what life is, especially now.