Friday, December 11, 2009


As we've gotten to know each other better during this stint in Alaska, three year old Lillian has asked me some great questions. The inquiries started adding up, and I could see they deserved their own blog post. These are the four I remember:

1. [watching as I stirred guacamole]: "Is that Yoda food?"

2. [skeptically pointing at my brown undershirt and red and blue striped overshirt] "Do those match?"

3. "Why did you guys order two babies?"

- and my favorite -

4. [with a very concerned face] "When you have a baby in your tummy, is it okay to eat cheese puffs?"


Rena said...

Those are great questions! Lillian is a very bright 3-year old.

Shana said...

so, is it okay to eat cheese puffs?

Anonymous said...

Keep On Walking...........