Saturday, December 12, 2009

Z's show tune debut

Yes, we had yams for supper. I got out the camera hoping to catch Zoralee dancing, which she did a little of. But wait until the very end for the best part, Z's contribution.


Shana said...

a future in show biz that gal has I tell ya

tamie said...

oh MAN. oh man.

Christi said...

I have that song in my head now :) That was the glad the camera was rollin.

Rachel Clear said...

Did ya'll catch the "A Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam" that Zoralee sang at the very end?

That girl.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey Lori,
Thanks for sharing...
I missed reading your posts, when you weren't posting.
Z is very cute.
You and Jason aren't too bad at singing either ;-)
When are you guys headed back to warmer places...not that Montana is any warmer right now...been keeping our 2 woodstoves going.
Take care.
Nancy S

Anonymous said...

Missed you today when I was at Natural Pantry and saw a sign that said "yams on sale"....*sigh*
Kiss her for us :0

Team Baliko said...

Oh my gosh. So incredibly cute. Loved her little half-smile, little "ha"right when you finished singing. Hilarious!

I actually watched it twice - and as much to hear you and Jason sing as it was to watch and hear Zoralee. Seriously, you guys have sound great AND have rhythm - two things I lack in this here existence.

I think I'll start singing that to Annie. 'Though now it'd go something like, "Mamamamama mama made a banan... mama made a banana." (She really likes bananas - and avocado, but that doesn't work quite so well in the song.)


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